Perverse Osmosis Ride Sustarre's Chariot - Perverse Osmosis

Ride Sustarre’s Chariot

SustarreYou light the small branches you gathered immediately after the troll-lead ogre ambush surrounded the party.They catch fire, and you begin the invocation: “Oh powerful Obad-Hai, look favorably on thy humble wood servant. Obad-Hai, master of the forests, celestial hunter, he who provides, I ask for thy servant Sustarre; fair Sustarre, whose heat warms the winters and whose protection I seek.” The fire grows brighter as you continue the ritual.You whirl a burning branch around and throw it. As the branch hurls through the air, there is a frightening clap, and in place of the fiery wood is Sustarre’s chariot.

The rest of the party starts running towards the chariot; the ranger and the paladin helping hold off the trolls and their ogre allies. As you take your seat and grab the reins, you watch as trolls try attacking the chariot, but the burning flames keep them at bay. The ogres begin to look for rocks to throw from relative safety. Once everyone is seated, you give the reins another firm snap and cry “Away and up.”

The magical chariot meets the ceiling of the cave with incredible force, smashing a large crack in the roof. Rocks rain down on the trolls, the ogres, and the party. You feel the chariot shudder, then heard a tremendous roar as the entire cavern gives way.


Crushed under the cavern rocks, you die. The adventure ends.

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      Ride Sustarre's Chariot

Sing Along!

From the sky, there it comes, it's our savior
Flaming wheels, fiery steeds, druidical behavior
Hope on in, take a seat, let's get out of here
Holly berries, mistletoe, nothing left to fear

Ride Sustarre's Chariot, takes us through the night
Ride Sustarre's Chariot, one chance to escape the fight
Ride Sustarre's Chariot, hear our steeds' galloping hoofs
Ride Sustarre's Chariot, straight through the dungeon's roof

Arrows flying, ogres stomping, we accelerate
Torches blazing, trollen cursing, thanks to this evocate
Sneak attack, dirty tricks, we leave it all behind
In retrospect, a stupid plan -- ceiling crashes through our minds!