Perverse Osmosis Draco Chlorinous Nauseous Respiratorus - Perverse Osmosis

Draco Chlorinous Nauseous Respiratorus

Dragon-1The cave was dark, darker even than the dungeon hallway that leads to it. The barbarian and the paladin hold their torches aloft, spoiling the infravision of you and the thief. The torchlight reflects off something metallic, and the Snow Barbarian slows to a halt. As he moves in for a closer look, you noticed that the metal is gold, lots of gold. So much gold that it looked like a hoard, and that hoard means one thing: a dragon.

The barbarian spins quickly around, running back towards the opening of the cave. You hear a rush of air being drawn into reptilian lungs and watch as a hideous green cloud spreads over the area. Imlari’s sword appears out of the gloom, and you watch it strike the dragon’s hide. The dragon roars in pain and exhales again; this time, the chlorinated breath weapon blows directly into the party: the dwarf dies instantly, liquefying from the acidic breath. The cleric and the druid go blind, with the cleric hearing her eyeballs pop. You and the ranger are luckier; your positions shielding you from the brunt of the blast. Firing one last bolt, you turn and run, trusting that the dragon would be more interested in mopping up the remaining adventurers than chasing after you.


The dragon defeats your party. The adventure ends.

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      Draco Chlorinous Nauseous Respiratorus

Sing Along!

Out of the depths of the cave's black night
Rang the sounds of deepest despair
Fluttering wings and indrawing breath
Foretell the gaseous apocalypse

Draco, a dragon
Chlorinous, it's green
Nauseous, vomit-inducing
Respiratorus, it breathes

Dimly emerald lung expellation
burning eyes and blackened lashes
Hell-based Tiamat worshipper
Unleashes its reptilian killing


Saving throws fail to save our corporeality
Disentagulation of the intestines
Cross genetic reverse liquifying
The eternal burning of nitride chloride