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The Princess and the Party

PrincessIn front of you rises what looks like another illusion: a shapely black-haired figure holding a crossbow in her arms. As she sees you, she begins to shoulder the weapon, and calls out to you: “By Phobus, adventurers, we are well met. What quest brings you into this dank underdark? Are you enemies of the foul lizard that even now enchains my sister? Are you here to slay the dreaded dragon, a dragon whose very breath is corrosive? And what if I were to tell you that I know a way into Slizz’lith’scave?”

After taking defensive positions, the paladin answers: “In the spirit of Phobus, whom you pray to and I know of, you will not mind if my companions discuss this matter privately. We will not be long, but this is a decision that cannot be made in haste. If you are of good will, then the time will not matter. If you have malevolent intent, then use the time to prepare for your doom.”

The party circles up at the opening to the cave, out of crossbow range. You can see the worry and doubt on their battle-scarred faces. You raise your hand for silence. “Well, what will the party decide?”


Do you follow the potential femme fatale into Slizz’lith’scave?

Do you ignore her help and find your own way in?

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      The Princess and the Party

Sing Along!

Some kind of mass illusion
some kind of wicked trick
the princess now stands before us
and licks her cherry lips, and licks her cherry lips

Taut young supple body
crossbow in her arms
she says we're seeking her sister
and it's all gone horribly wrong, it's all gone horribly wrong


Hair in the torchlight glimmers
blue eyes seem to mesmerize
the party fears a glamour
but doesn't know what to decide -- what will the party decide?

'Cause if the king really has two daughters
and this one's as tough as nails
then maybe the party should follow her
and then the basilisk will fail, then the basilisk will fail


There's danger all around us
We must set my sister free
This party's got just one chance left
Don't you want to come with me?

Don't you want to come with me?
You know you should come with me?
You probably ought to come with me.
Don't you want to come with me?