Perverse Osmosis Secret Door - Perverse Osmosis

Secret Door

Secret=door You watch a the shapely princess leads the party through the dark tunnel, her small, hooded lantern providing enough light to navigate the inky blackness. The party followed in their usual marching formation, with the dwarf and the paladin close behind the princess. Your senses are alert as you work the wall, looking for another hidden latch or secret door.

On the lower part of left wall, your finger finds the catch. Much to the rest of the party’s amazement, the wall slides back and a well-groomed stone tunnel appears. Before you can do anything, you feel Imlari the barbarian run by you.

Keeping a firm grip on your short sword, you cautiously maneuver into the sloped room and are greeted with the sights of battle, treasure, and a chained Princess. Imlari lies in a heap on the floor, a puddle of blood slowly growing around his motionless corpse. The dwarf is an immobilized statue, a victim of the basilisk’s gaze. The paladin and the ranger are engaged in hand-to-claw combat with the giant reptile; both looking down, avoiding the beast’s eyes. Karyn and Crandorth wait, both cleric and druid deep in prayer.

You watch Drogan fire bolts into the monster while the magic-user begins the recitation ofhold monster. Right before she completes the incantation, the basilisk expels a cloud of poison, dropping both the ranger and the paladin. As if timed, a series of arrows flies from the other side of room, hitting Treilor and ruining her spell.

You see your chance as the cleric and druid begin to engage the basilisk. Using your hide in shadows and move silently skills, you work your way towards the mound where the Princess is chained. You can see the resemblance between her and her sister. The arrows continue to fall, but none hit you. You move in behind the Princess, hoping to pick the lock on her chains. As you work, you see Lyllywen digging through the furs and chests that make up the mound, searching for something.

Your fingers hit a knob. But at the same moment, Slizz’lithquickly spins, alerted to your presence. Then, as suddenly, a figure jumps between you. You watch in amazement as the basilisk begins to stiffen and slow. The figure was Lyllywen, holding a mirror in her hand.


Now, move deeper into the basilisk’s chamber to see what awaits you in the final chapter of your adventure.


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      Secret Door

Sing Along!

You might roll a one, you might roll a two
Crack in the wall, now what to do?
It might be good, it might be bad
Chestful of potions or an axe in the nads
What were doing defies belief
About to follow the halfling thief
Extinguish the torches and into the hall
Stumbling forward against the wall

The princess was there
Pillar chained
The gold was there
The basilisk was there
Standing fast
The party was there
Battle at last

Here in the Vale of the Basilisk
Deep in the lair of the Basilisk
Weve come to slay the Basilisk
Weve come to slay the Basilisk

The paladin attacked
Coming low
The assassin attacked
Firing bows
The barbarian attacked
Missed and fell
The goblins attacked
Ruined the spells

Here in the Vale of the Basilisk
Deep in the lair of the Basilisk
Weve come to slay the Basilisk
Its time to slay the Basilisk

The thief went hiding
In the pile
The cleric trying
for survival
The basilisk looking
In the glass
The princess freed
Freed at last

Here in the Vale of the Basilisk
Deep in the lair of the Basilisk
Weve come to slay the Basilisk
The party slayed the Basilisk!