Perverse Osmosis Victory Room - Perverse Osmosis

Victory Room

After digging through the basilisk’s incredible treasure trove–a mixture of tapestries, chests, trinkets, and glimmering copper, silver, and gold coins– and taking out the best of the items and all the coins you can carry, you, the party, and the two princesses make your way out of the Vale of the Basilisk. Two days of hard riding brings you back to Baron Overbrook and his keep. He hugs his kidnapped daughters and declares a three-day holiday, with the party as the guests of honor. You eat and drink merrily, recovering from the many cuts, bruises, and wounds that the adventure has given you. You also get a chance to divide up the treasure from the basilisk: your share is a short sword +2, a potion of flying, three flawless gems, and several hundred gold pieces. At the end of three days, the Baron presents you with the promised 1,100 g.p. and makes you an honorary citizen of Overbrook. The Baron also extends an invite to you to stay in the area, knowing that the Vale won’t stay empty for long.