Voyage to Ensgrab

As part of a continuing travel series, Perverse Osmosis will hit the literal trail, walking and riding across the wide world of Greyhawk. Yup, we are going to see it all: the blue seas of Jerela Bay; the snow-peaked mountains of the South Yatil range; the open tunda of Stonefist. Granted, we are not guaranteed access to all these places. I don’t think there will be a whole host of monks waving us through the border of the Scarlet Brotherhood. But that is what makes it an adventure.

To keep our reviews somewhat consistent, we will use a common set of criteria.

  • Why did we go there?
  • What is there that is interesting?
  • Would we go again?

Obviously, there will be a fair amount of expansion about each of these criterion, but there may be a place that is so dull that it gets a “bad advice,” followed by a “nothing,” followed by a “no.” If we are going to take risks as adventurers, readers should have to take some too.

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