Weird Tales March 1924

The March 1924 issue of Weird Tales has some outstanding material. First, as a way to prop up flagging sales, the magazine got Houdini to “write” a story and start an monthly question and answer column. I put write in quotation marks since, from what we can tell, much of it was ghost written [largely by HPL]. But still, that Houdini guy was still a rocking skeptic and great salesperson for Tales.

As importantly, if not more so, this issue has HPL’s “Rats in the Walls,” which, ¬†unsurprisingly, was a mind-blower to the readers. “Out Poe’s Poe” was one of the common responses. There is also the story “The Hermit of Ghost Mountain,” (C. Franklin Miller), which could easily be the title of a Scooby-Doo mystery.

This image is the first page of “Rats.”

Here is the cover:

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