Weird Tales May 1924

Last month featured Houdini writing and Lovecraft’s “The White Ape,” and now we have Lovecraft writing as Houdini in “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs.” “Imprisoned” has far out mummies and cosmology and Necronomicons and all the rest that one would expect from Lovecraft writing as the Master of Escape.  There is also a Lovecraft poem “Hypnos”; it seems that WT knew what they had by this point in the game, trying [and failing] to get Lovecraft to write more. There is also some less-than-exciting material like the long serial “Draconda” [nothing to do with Dracula] and “The Vow on Halloween.” But I would certainly be remiss if I did not mention C.M. Eddy’s “The Loved Dead,” which is about necrophilia. Weird Tales indeed.


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