What is a Drow Doing Here?

I am four books deep in the War of the Spider Queen series, and I am seeing drow everywhere. While I am typing this, I quarter expect a poisoned crossbow bolt to fly by me, or a powerfully built drow cleric to be intimidating me with a mace. That said, I was not expecting a dusty elf to show up in the middle of the desert, but I4:Oasis of the White Palm‘s random night encounter table gives a DM a 1d8 chance of having 1-4 males show up.

If I were to give Fryzzl, Danefrith, and Argoen a backstory, I would say part of a slave ring that was running human and orc merchandise through the underdark. The Oasis is close to an opening into the tunnel system and the freewheeling nature of the Oasis and its blind eye turning habits make it a perfect place to peddle flesh. The trio sold their wares and wanted to go out on the town, looking to spend a little coin and maybe sample local harlots. In general, drow aren’t into the cross-species action, but the Oasis is the Las Vegas of Greyhawk’s desert. It isn’t often that a drow can kiss a half-elf without the House Mothers coming down with their rules and whips and browbeatings.

Too bad they weren’t paying attention when we appeared from the shadows, ambushing them. Poor guys, didn’t even have a chance to use faerie fire.

Alternate me’s dream life.

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