What to Stake

There isn’t an actual damage roll for a stake. I guess that might be because, in most cases, Kilrto the Mayhem Maker isn’t taking a stake to an average kobold or goblin. That is what an actual hammer or mace is for. A spear is a sharpened stake, and that gets a damage roll, but I don’t think that a spear to the heart gets to kill a vampire. Call me a literalist, but a stake isn’t a spear, although they are close relatives.

Nope, a stake through the heart requires an actual wooden stake that isn’t a short spear being driven/pounded/hammered through the chest cavity of a vampire. There isn’t a damage roll per se, although if done well, everyone involved is going to see the damage. Of course, the most difficult part of the hammer and stake method is finding the crypt of ol’ fangy.

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