When You Can’t Post for a Year

When you can’t post for a year, but still buy/listen to lots of music, it is easy to have a backlog of music that you want blather on about. I mean, I am no Lester Bangs, but I know what I like.

Take Shakma’s House of Possession (2018) for example. Awesome album. Why you may ask?

  • It is fast. There is only one non-blazer on the record and that song is about raising the next lord of Hell.
  • It is evil, both in what it sings about and what it sounds like. With titles like “Night of the Coven” and “Knife of the Prowler,” you know what you are getting. And what you are getting is fast, evil-sounding music about when a coven finally picks you as the sacrifice.
  • Songs are short. None of the occasional flab that you get on an aggressive metal album. No one is riding a solo for a couple minutes. Nope, not Shakma: here you get headbanging riffs played fast as Hades, a zing-zang solo, and more headbanging riffs.
  • Memorable choruses. I love a good chorus. It is the part of the song you are supposed to remember, so use it. For example “Behold the specters of death” is a rad thing to shout in a chorus. same with “House of possession.”
  • Shakma is the name of a 1990 American horror movie. And these dudes are Norway, showing they have done their homework. And as an academic, I like homework.
  • Seriously, this release is great. Spend the 15 gps that you can’t spend anymore on coffee and buy House of Possession.

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