Why Do They Call Him the Count?

Sure, we all know about Count Dracula from this version of the Prime Material Plane and Count Strahd from Ravenloft, but what about some other counts who are worth our time to join, conquer, stake, stab, behead, or turn to ashes? A few candidates:

  • Count Polyon of Bellport. Located in the far northern border of the Great Kingdom and southern border of the Bone March, this Count could very easily fall victim to one of vampires inhabiting what is left of the Great Kingdom or the Bone March. I mean, the Bone March doesn’t have its name because people are like hiking there.
  • Count Miss’lor from outside of Kro Kerlep. I know that the Scarlet Brotherhood are essentially the Nazis of Greyhawk, but that is part of the charm of Miss’lor’s long game. What better way to gain access to victims than cozying up to the so-called master race? In fact, Miss’lor may be one of the few vampires that I can support.
  • There will undoubtedly be a count or two living in the Sea of Dust. With all the various lost cities and ruins there, at least one of them is going to have a vampire that easily survived the great devastation.
  • Count Bilgotn the Long-Living, who has carved out a small freehold in the Crystalmist, is extremely likely to be a vamp. As one can tell through his sobriquet, he has been running his hexagon freehold for a couple hundred years.

Happy hunting.

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