Why Uriah Heep is 1/3 better than given credit for

Why Uriah Heep Doesn’t Suck:

These songs are all on Demons and Wizards, Uriah Heep’s fourth album

“Traveler in Time”
“Easy Livin'”
“Rainbow Demon”

Of course, the naysayers and choose-up-siders may claim that the same album also includes both “Poet’s Justice” and “Circle of Hands,” which may have the worse/best progressive rock line: “Today is only yesterday’s tomorrow.”

Heep also directly influenced Perverse Osmosis: “Berserker” is a once-removed descendant. Two interesting facts about “Berserker”: the original chorus only featured the word “berserker” once, instead of the three times. That was too fast even for PO, so Ultra suggested the chorus that ended up on the album. The second fact is the organ material is straight out of Heep; some would claim borrowed, I claim stolen like a 10th level thief who pulls off “hide in shadows,” “move silently,” “find/remove trap” and steals the gems and potions in one of the rooms from Tomb of Horrors.

      Tomb of Horrors

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