Wilderness Gone Wild

I have been fairly negative recently in my various postings, so let me tell you of a place I do like: the Wild Coast.

Some of my reasons for enjoying it:

  • It is a fairly short journey from the best city of them all, and my semi-permanent base of operations, Greyhawk.
  • There are a lot of different kinds of opportunities in the Wild Coast. Need some straight-out dungeon crawling? They got it. Want to be part of political intrigue? They got it. Like a bit of midnight derring-do? Plenty of that to be had.
  • Good climate: warm in the summer, rainy in the winter.
  • No last call in most of the villages or cities. When the name of the place is the “Wild Coast,” no one should expect there to be a lot of liquor board regulation.
  • Lots of transients, vacationers, and people passing through. Every one of these populations is more likely to party and canoodle than the typical boring person for Sterich or The Yeomanry.
  • The name itself.

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