Witching Hour

Things about witches adventuring parties should know:

  1. They probably live in a hovel outside of a hamlet, or if they are upscale, an out-of-the-way village. Unlike either Suspiria or American Horror Story, Coven, these AD&D witches stay rural.
  2. Be prepared for shape change, usually crow/vulture to crone to comely vixen who has bad teeth, if The Wicked (2013) is to be believed.
  3. Most will have familiars, but only real dangerous ones will have rolled a 15 and got one of the special choices like an imp or a quasit. Approach with extreme caution, here dwarves and halflings. No one, and I mean no one, wants to get imped. There is no living that down.
  4. After witchy woman gets turned to paste, be sure to search the above-mentioned hovel closely. Get the thief to take a second look at all the piles of clothing or bubbling cauldrons. A dedicated party usually can find potion of super healing or a ring of water breathing in all the junk.

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