Wolfen sighting on Harford Road

Saturday night was the first substantiated Wolfen sighting since the early 1980s. I was driving down Harford Road in Baltimore’s Lauraville neighborhood. It was rainy but not rainy enough to disguise the slinky wolf shape that ran through the middle of the street. While I could not get close enough to see the infrared shining in its eyes, I’ve seen Wolfen enough times to know an urban predator when I see one. He was probably on his way to eat one of the many homeless people in our area.

Be vigilant: Wolfen are nothing to let down your guard about.

Armor Class: 9 in human form/ 3 in Wolfen form

Frequency: Rare

Number Appearing: 1-3

Move: 6″ as human/ 12″ as Wolfen

Attacks: 1-3/1-3/1-6

Special attacks: infra-vision, move silently

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but they occasionally work for urban developers , usually during conservative regimes where their dining on the poor is welcomed.

Background: Wolfen are the spawn of half-werewolf/ half-shewolf parents.  Raised in an urban environment, Wolfen can easily blend into modern landscapes, making them difficult to detect.  They favor parks and green spaces to hunt, striking the destitute and the unsuspecting.

While in human form, Wolfen prefer working odd jobs or in IT positions.  Turning from human to wolf form is painful; however, a Wolfen injured in human form recovers 1-3 hit points after making their transformation.

Treasure type: 1-10 g.p./10-50 s.p./ occasional magic item

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