Off the top of my helmet, I can’t remember an adventure where the party directly battled a werewolf. I know that one of the Drizz’t novels has a bunch of wererats, maybe led by one named Lassiter, who may or may not be the same character in the Tom Selleck movie, Lassiter (1984). But specifically a werewolf, I got nothing.

I could see how it would work, however. The party, probably lower level, could be hired by a local baron or duke or princeling because there is something bestial tearing apart the countryside. All that is left for clues are bloody pawprints, but somehow the creature is smart enough to figure out locks. Duke Frinthrop is at a loss, so he is willing to dig into the treasury to pay a group of hearty adventurers to look into the problem. The party does a little investigating, talks to a peasant or two, learns the secret of a town burgher, and next thing we all know, they are battling a werewolf. Ideally, one of the characters gets munched by the wolf before it dies; this would ensure that a character could have lycanthropy and one of the least-used charts in the DM’s Guide would finally get some airtime.

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