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Never watched Hammer’s Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971) before now, and, frankly fellow orcs and gnolls, I have been missing out. A brief listing of the various wait, what’s of this movie:

  • Jekyll is Jack the Ripper
  • Jekyll is Jack the Ripper because he needs precious female organs
  • Jekyll needs precious female organs so he extend his life to make a medical breakthrough
  • Jekyll needs to extend his life to make medical breakthroughs in life extension
  • Jekyll taking the elixir of organ juice turns Jekyll into Sister Hyde
  • Sister Hyde uses her newly discovered feminine side to kill more women to get more organs to make more elixirs to, wait for it, not extend life, but make sure she stays Sister Hyde.

None of this includes gender-bending makeout sessions with the brother/sister combo from upstairs or the appearance of the famous grave-robbing team of Burke and Hare time-traveling from the 1820s to the late Victorian period.

They sure don’t make labs like this anymore.

Uncut organ elixir

Indica or Sativa?

Mobil elixir sacks.

I don’t always drink wine, but when I am transforming into a woman . . .

I will use “deuced” more than once in this movie to describe someone’s attractiveness.

Upstair’s neighbor prepare to meet . . .

Sister Hyde [at least temporarily].

Deucedly athletic and deucedly sensual.

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