Yecha Time

In case you haven’t looked at your map of the world of Greyhawk recently, far off to the west, slightly above the Yatil Mountains and slightly below the lands of the Tiger Nomads, lie the Yecha Hills and the community of Yecha.

 Some important things to know when visiting Yecha: 

 It will be challenging to get there. The Tiger Nomads are named after a giant killer cat for a reason. Before the party gets to them, they will need to work through the Wolf Nomads, and while I would rather deal with a wolf than a tiger any day, as a people, neither group is particularly easy to deal with.  

The town itself is cosmopolitan for the area but do not go in expecting a wide array of food and drink options. If Korron Bladewielder likes yak stew and fermented giant sheep milk, then she will be in gustatory heaven. For those of us who like a little more variety in our diets, or at least getting liquored up off some of the more sophisticated beverages, be prepared to pay a fair amount of silver, gold, or platnium.

 I don’t know how to say this politely, so I will just say it. The humans in Yecha smell. I don’t know if it is the combination of what they are eating and drinking mixed with local herbs, but whatever it is, it isn’t great. The occasional demihuman I ran into didn’t have the palpable aroma, so maybe it is because of that darn human metabolism.  

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