Zombie Terror

Although zombies may be a bit overplayed here in the prime material plane, the actual idea of fighting a zombie must be terrifying.

Let’s imagine we are the standard 1st-level party playing themselves AD&D: we have a cleric with a mace, a fighter with scale mail and a battle axe, a ranger with a bow and 15 arrows, a thief who isn’t good yet, and a magic-user with feather fall he can use once a day. We are stumbling through a local tomb and run into 3-24 zombies. Our very by-the-book DM rolls his eight-sided die and there we go: 19 zombies.

Yes, we always get initiative. Yes, our cleric might have a chance to turn 1-4 of them, and the thief can hide in shadow and backstab for double damage, and the ranger can shoot arrows into three of them, and the fighter can chop up a couple, but that leaves somewhere between nine and ten of them left. Our fighter is only two hits away from being dead, and once he goes down, it is all over.

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