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Story of the Vale, Part 1: Vale of the Basilisk

StoryPenelope and Lyllywen often played in the glen; its stream fed hanging ferns and ironwood trees. The cries of birds mixed with the babbling stream to make a sound almost magically relaxing. It also hid the sounds of danger.

The basilisk had been watching the twin Princesses for many seasons: she knew that that these humans had the power to give her gold and magic. She had waited with the slow, dark patience of a breed that counted years as humans counted months. And now it was time to strike.

Penelope heard the breaking of the trees first. She turned at the sound and screamed, seeing the stuff of nightmares. Scaly hide reflecting the midday sun; foot-long teeth gleaming; claws raised and filthy. Lyllywen also screamed, turning to run from the monstrosity.

But it was not to be. Lyllywen heard the intake of breath, and a stench filled her nostrils. Her vision darken and then–nothing.

With one claw, Sizz’lith struck atPenelope’s head. Penelope tried to duck, but it nicked her shoulder, cutting her flesh, injecting the basilisk’s poison.

Penelope crumpled to the ground. Once she was down, Sizz’lith opened her mouth and with a surprising amount of dexterity, slipped one of her teeth under the leather belt around Penelope’s waist.

For Sizz’lith, it was worth the wait.


Assemble the party.