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Weird Tales, Dec 1937

February 6th, 2016

I lucked into a collection of 10 Finlay prints at a used bookstore on the Prime Material Plane, and this piece from “The Sea Witch” is included:

Looks like Robert Bloch [Psycho] seems to have autographed this copy:

Mary Counselman’s “The Black Stone”

Dance, puppet, dance:

One of the children of Atlantis:

“Voyage of the Neutralia”

Last but not least: The dynamic duo from Seabury Quinn  

Weird Tales, October 1937

February 4th, 2016

Not quite the luridness of some of the past WTs, but still the issue includes both a Lovecraft story and a Howard poem.

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Glasgow to Edinburgh

December 30th, 2015

The iron horse dropped the party off at the azure palace of Hotel Indigo, which was quite handily located in the middle of the sprawling metropolis of Edinburgh. Stowing our traveling gear in the rooms, we packed our urban adventure gear and went out of the evening, once again hoping that we would uncover clues to Hogmanay.

The first scene was the cathedral, which, according to local lore, was carved out of the bones of a slain ancient red dragon who was bent on destroying the first inhabitants of the city. An incredibly well-placed arrow of dragon slaying took down the fell beast; magic-users and dwarven stonemasons worked the remnants into this temple to St. Cuthbert.

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ST2: Voyage to Hogmanay

December 29th, 2015

ST 2: Voyage to Hogmanay

Upon landing in Glasgow, our party voyaged to its lodging point: the Hotel Indigo. Our four-person group dropped off it various equipment and proceeded out into the city proper, where it hoped that it would find the various clues needed to continue its travels north into the Highlands and Hogmanay.

The city itself has faced attack from various humanoid elements over the course of the last decade, as displayed by the different defense mechanisms spread throughout the city. Here we have one of the many fortifications surrounded by metal fencing that helped drive off the combined orc/hobgoblin invasion of 1435. Led by the orcish chieftain Hr’rok, this attack was the high water mark for the alliance, but the resolute defenders of Glasgow, aided by local deep gnomes and for-hire magic users from Greyhawk, repulsed the combined forces and drove the humanoids back into the hinterlands.

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Weird Tales, July 1937

December 26th, 2015

Death of H.P. Lovecraft is announced, along with more material from a young Robert Bloch.

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