Welcome Adventurers

Like thrash, blackened thrash, 78RPM rock and roll, AD&D, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, real bad horror movies, and other junk? Well, let the ones and zeros of Perverse Osmosis provide a sense of security in these troubled times.

  • Holy Dyvers
    After spending three nights getting re-supplied in Greyhawk, we hopped back on our well-worn saddles and made the overnight trip to Dyvers. In case you don’t know, and I really didn’t until I went through its large gates, is that Dyvers is pretty damn rich. They are at a nexus of several trade routes, and […]
  • When You Can’t Post for a Year
    When you can’t post for a year, but still buy/listen to lots of music, it is easy to have a backlog of music that you want blather on about. I mean, I am no Lester Bangs, but I know what I like. Take Shakma’s House of Possession (2018) for example. Awesome album. Why you may […]
  • The Caves of Milk
    Our first stop on the seeing it all world tour–we are still working on the title–are the ambiguously named Caves of Milk. Located roughly two days ride from Greyhawk in the Cairn Hills, these caves are filled with a milky, mineral water that does have a passing resemblance to cow milk. We were escorted to […]
  • John Saxon: Off to Fight Freddy Somewhere Else
    Long-time character actor John Saxon died this week. Saxon is best known, at least according to high-brow sources, as one of the participants/willing beat-down participants in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon (1973). Don’t get me wrong: Saxon is pretty rad in Dragon and wears some impressive robes. However, to yours truly, his best role is […]
  • Voyage to Ensgrab
    As part of a continuing travel series, Perverse Osmosis will hit the literal trail, walking and riding across the wide world of Greyhawk. Yup, we are going to see it all: the blue seas of Jerela Bay; the snow-peaked mountains of the South Yatil range; the open tunda of Stonefist. Granted, we are not guaranteed […]