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Like thrash, blackened thrash, 78RPM rock and roll, AD&D, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, real bad horror movies, and other junk? Well, let the ones and zeros of Perverse Osmosis provide a sense of security in these troubled times.

  • Spookies
    Thanks to the never-ending chum bucket that is the internet, I learned of Spookies (1986) over the weekend. Not only is it not a terrible horror movie, it has a great backstory that will come to no surprise to anyone who tried to pull an independent project off the ground.
  • What Else I Have Been Watching
    As a follow-up to the earlier post, other groovy, dirty, and slimy material that has been running through my computer box.
  • What I Have Been Watching
    Been watching movies in the traditional Perverse Osmosis vein: terrible, trashy, and full of JB. I realized that I hadn’t posted any of the screen caps, so here we are:
  • Young Nuggins
    Thanks to the crack research team at Perverse Osmosis, we have discovered this long-lost psychiatric profile of 7th-level bard Tiny Nuggins, whose bardic inspirations and discordant whispers have been integral part of the party’s recent success. However, as seen by this report, Tiny was not always the productive arsonist that he is now. The document: […]
  • The Haunt II
    I took a step backward. I know, big surprise. Anyone who has ever adventured with Gilderony the Green knows that I am as likely to take my move away from action as it is towards it. What can I say? I am magic-user; if I wanted to brawl, I would be like a couple of […]