Welcome Adventurers

Like thrash, blackened thrash, 78RPM rock and roll, AD&D, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, real bad horror movies, and other junk? Well, let the ones and zeros of Perverse Osmosis provide a sense of security in these troubled times.

  • Horror Pictures
    Sorry about the break in posting the last couple days. Actual prime material plane duties keep getting in the way. But, I was lucky enough to co-ghost a two-hour block of Halloween music for our University’s 68-hour rock and roll marathon. I know that many, many people coveted the 6-8 am shift, but I will […]
  • What to Stake
    There isn’t an actual damage roll for a stake. I guess that might be because, in most cases, Kilrto the Mayhem Maker isn’t taking a stake to an average kobold or goblin. That is what an actual hammer or mace is for. A spear is a sharpened stake, and that gets a damage roll, but […]
  • Why Do They Call Him the Count?
    Sure, we all know about Count Dracula from this version of the Prime Material Plane and Count Strahd from Ravenloft, but what about some other counts who are worth our time to join, conquer, stake, stab, behead, or turn to ashes? A few candidates: Count Polyon of Bellport. Located in the far northern border of […]
  • Vamps
    Big surprise here for the people who know me, but I do like the vampire. Don’t get me wrong: I know that the quote real unquote vampire is a disgusting creature that eats decaying bodies, more like a AD&D ghoul than Chris Lee in his movies. I also know that because vampires are made up […]
  • Vampin’
    Even now, despite being a bands for more than a decade, and listening to music for more than four, I am not real sure what vamping is. I think it is a relation of noodling and jamming and improvising but not quite any of those things. Even when I looked up the definition, it was […]