Welcome Adventurers

Like thrash, blackened thrash, 78RPM rock and roll, AD&D, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, real bad horror movies, and other junk? Well, let the ones and zeros of Perverse Osmosis provide a sense of security in these troubled times.

  • One Two, You Know What To Do
    That Otto must have been a fun magic-user to have at a party. At any moment, blam, he could drop his irresistible dance on Crubno the Formidable, and after that, there is nothing he could do but “caper and prance.” There also is a little cavorting involved. I think it is the latter that causes … Read more
  • My Keoland
    I am not usually a person who loves places like Keoland, with few unexplored dungeons or long lines of hereditary rulership going back a thousand years. As constant readers know, I support a bit more mobility in my social hierarchy, since it seems to allow the entrepreneurial/devious a better chance to rise in society. Additionally, … Read more
  • Get Redeyed
    For those of you on the Instagram, another one of the Perverse Osmosis projects is playing over the intertubes from 8-9 EST. Tag for The Red Eyeballers is #redeyeballers
  • Detect Boring
    Back in Gorgnard times, druids were pretty much the punchline for all kinds of jokes. They couldn’t wear metal armor or use metal shields, they can’t turn undead, and they have silly level titles like “Aspirant” and “Ovate.” However, they do get two first-level spells to start, and by the time they are 4th-level, they … Read more
  • Beyond the Gate
    Last post about cleric spells for a while, I swear to Boccob, but “Gate” also is far more powerful than I assumed it is. I guess I have been paying too much attention to when minor demons or lesser devils try to gate in one of their fellow bone devils or chasmes. This version of … Read more