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May 22nd, 2016

Shudder, a new-ish horror movie streaming service, has been a good addition to the world of Perverse Osmosis. Mostly filled with second and third-rate kill ’em ups, it is ideal for sleaze merchants in Greyhawk or the Prime Material Plane. Plus strange hints about the ubiquity of punk in the 1980s show up.

Case in point: StageFright, or Deliria for movie snobs, a 1987 slasher from Italy. The movie itself is adequate but more importantly, one of the characters wears a Cramps’ A Date With Elvis t-shirt.

Sure, she gets a pick-axe to the mouth soon after, but for this shining moment, Lux and the gang are on full display.


Weird Tales, Sept. 1941

April 16th, 2016

Lovecraftian horror and music from beyond the spheres.


Both of these are from Derleth’s “Beyond the Threshold.”

Crypts of Space is an excellent name for a stoner metal band.








I guess that is better than being all haunted.



These two illustrations accompany Clark Ashton Smith’s “Witch Dance.”

Both images are from the Quick short story.

Weird Tales, Jan. 1941

April 14th, 2016

War clouds gather, and Atlantis lives on.






Robert Bloch is the Zeke of Weird Tales.





“Honeymoon in Bedlam” by Nelson S. Bond




“Two Shall Be Born” by Seabury Quinn

The Old Night Owl

April 3rd, 2016

In my prime material plane life, I am busy researching Edgar Allan Poe for an article. While digging through discussion of “The Raven,” I found a reference to this poem from 1842 by James Rees, published the same issue of The Philadelphia Dollar as “The Gold Bug”.

Part of the header that was cut off states that this is “a stanza for music.” It sure is Mr. Rees, it sure is.


Weird Tales, April 1940

April 2nd, 2016

Getting closer to the Nazis here, with one of these stories having those dastards fight Vikings, and this was long before Dead Snow.


Looks like we managed to dodge this one.

Also from “Seven Seconds.”


“An Adventure of a Professional Corpse” by H. Bedford Jones



“Sea Born” by Edmond Hamilton

Also from “Sea Born.”



Fight those Nazis.