Welcome Adventurers

Like thrash, blackened thrash, 78RPM rock and roll, AD&D, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, real bad horror movies, and other junk? Well, let the ones and zeros of Perverse Osmosis provide a sense of security in these troubled times.

  • Axes of Evil
    In my prime material plane form, I have been adventuring for almost fourty solar cycles, giving me plenty enough time to learn how to spend the sweet, sweet starting money that somehow gets cobbled together before heading out as a first-level adventurer. Sometimes, Roleigh the Good rolls well and lands herself 180 g.p. to leave … Read more
  • Legacy of Idiocy
    Here we are friends, another October, another daily posting of pointless AD&D trivia mixed with whatever garbage music I can dig out of the rotting dumpster. Well worth it though since this yearly event/annual tradtion will all culminate in Halloween and candy. Have a great month, everyone.
  • Happy Belated Halloween
    We were close: the monsters were hopping, the treasure was flowing, the music was thrashing. But real life intruded and our blog-o-thon didn’t make it to the holiday. But I was the only person on the block who set outside and “played” the keyboard for the very few trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. I don’t know … Read more
  • Dead to the World
    Another great artifact: the Sword of Kas. The +6 defender status is only part of its known powers. It causes double damage to any extraplanar entity. It has one prime power, and that could end up being a daily death spell or meteor swarm. And it is consistently evil, highly manipulative, and will attempt to … Read more
  • Axe of Death
    I loved the “artifacts and relics” section of the 1st edition DMs Guide. Of course I did. It had the Eye and Hand of Vecna, the Crown of Might, and my favorite, at least at the time when I first read the tome, the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords. The blade is a sword of … Read more