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Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb

March 15th, 2018

Hammer’s 1971 Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb is loosely based on Bram Stoker’s novel The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903). Very few people are watching this movie because of its connection to a later Stoker novel; they are watching it for Valerie Leon.

Still using quotation marks around the title I see.

Say what one will, but this is mighty fine neckgear.

As I mentioned, Valerie is the reason most of us are watching the movie.

Even this snake is bewitched by Valerie.

Blood is classic enough to be an entry in the TCM site. Not bad for a bunch of cardboard props.

Wow, Progressive

March 14th, 2018

Never watched Hammer’s Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971) before now, and, frankly fellow orcs and gnolls, I have been missing out. A brief listing of the various wait, what’s of this movie:

  • Jekyll is Jack the Ripper
  • Jekyll is Jack the Ripper because he needs precious female organs
  • Jekyll needs precious female organs so he extend his life to make a medical breakthrough
  • Jekyll needs to extend his life to make medical breakthroughs in life extension
  • Jekyll taking the elixir of organ juice turns Jekyll into Sister Hyde
  • Sister Hyde uses her newly discovered feminine side to kill more women to get more organs to make more elixirs to, wait for it, not extend life, but make sure she stays Sister Hyde.

None of this includes gender-bending makeout sessions with the brother/sister combo from upstairs or the appearance of the famous grave-robbing team of Burke and Hare time-traveling from the 1820s to the late Victorian period.

They sure don’t make labs like this anymore.

Uncut organ elixir

Indica or Sativa?

Mobil elixir sacks.

I don’t always drink wine, but when I am transforming into a woman . . .

I will use “deuced” more than once in this movie to describe someone’s attractiveness.

Upstair’s neighbor prepare to meet . . .

Sister Hyde [at least temporarily].

Deucedly athletic and deucedly sensual.

The Vampire Lovers

March 12th, 2018

An actual Hammer film–mixed with AIP– this time in The Vampire Lovers (1970), which offers a lot of frilly nightgowns and heaving bosoms. Loosely based on Carmilla, but with more beheadings, an Osmosite could do worse than spending 90 minutes here.

She has looked deeply into the eyes of Ingrid Pitt.

That headpiece is not going to save her.

Today’s winner of most outlandish neckwear . . .

This is an outstanding outfit.

Before he served Vader, he dressed like this.

Like Hammer Films, We Live

March 11th, 2018

Sorry for the break, Perverse Osmosis fans. I have seen an upswing in my prime material plane duties. But here we are, back for another year of pointless postings.

Up first, Witchfinder General (1968), a Tigon production, starring the always mellifluous Vincent Price and some legitimate thugs. However, what I would like to focus on more is the ugliness of the person in this painting:

Lovecraftian fish-person would be my guess.

No wonder this guy is dead; he had paint for blood.

I love this collar. It screams authority:

A couple of the aforementioned thugs:

My goal is to someday own this kind of cape. I suspect post-retirement.

Witchfinder General is also the name of NWOBHM band and had 12-year old me would have known of this cover, he would have immediately bought this record.

Head-Smashing Mania

December 16th, 2017

Continuing with our streak of recently unearthed middle-period Hyborian finds, Perverse Osmosis proudly presents these two woodcuts. The first one, found by archeologists in modern-day northern France, is a stylized version of Conan wielding an impromptu hammer. Scholars are debating if the painting should be read allegorically, in that it depicts the Kingdom of Aquilonia smashing one of its many enemies.

Another image from the same trove is one of King Kull biting the arm of an undead enemy. Much like the hammer blow mentioned above, there is debate over if the image is a realistic representation or allegory. Likely held by a minor Poitain noble, the image is in surprisingly good condition.