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Headless Jamboree

October 12th, 2015

Thanks again to the oldies version of, this pleasantly spooky song from Kay Starr. The internets tell me that Bing Crosby also did a version, but this one is a little more Perverse Osmosis style.

Betty Boop cartoon not part of the original song, but it was better than the other options, which was a static image of an old radio.

Thank you, 1932

October 11th, 2015

During October, I spend a lot of time listening to [oldies version only since I don’t care about Rob Zombie, etc.] because it will offer up material that all those mainstream Halloween stations refuse to play.

For example, Alex Bartha’s Hotel Traymore Orchestra giving us this grim little Depression-era number.


Swell to be dead

All you of Earth are idiots

October 10th, 2015

I finally got around to watching Plan 9 from Outer Space today. Somehow despite spending the last 30 years of my life watching horror and trash cinema, I had never seen this one. I think it was because it was too famous for my liking; it is the one “bad” movie that everyone knows, so how bad can it really be?

Turns out that it wasn’t that bad. I would much rather watch it than anything Tim Burton has done this decade or any James Bond film.

I also discovered that Dick Chaney worked on the movie:


He later added the ‘e’ when he became a politician, in hopes that no one would ever be able to trace him back to this movie. Sorry, Dick, you were wrong about invading Iraq, and you are wrong about this.


From the depths

October 9th, 2015

Your humble narrator has been extremely busy on the Prime material plane. In the last couple weeks, I finished the Howard article, submitted the final draft of our learning academy’s accreditation report, which clocked in at 105 pages of vellum, was part of another medical accreditation visit, and found out that the college I work for received a grant of 2.2 million gold pieces. So for the latter: in your face, any red dragon.

Alas, all of this busy work has prevented me from doing my annual rocktober fest postings. But there is always November and since I already grew a beard and wrote a novel [the two other things that go on in November], I will make November the honorary October. It is amazing the power of the internet.

And, Dr. Leanback sent me this along from our friends at Sparks:

Still doing it.

Howard’s End

September 13th, 2015

No, not Howards End [E.M. Forster’s novel] but the end of my Howard marathon. I finished the American Writers Series article on him today, which means I can finally read something else. Don’t get me wrong, Howard was a great way to spend a year, and I read more westerns in the last month than I ever have. Plus I read his “spicy” tales, with super titles like “Murderer’s Grog,” which features a hash cocktail.

Up next, another one from Weird Tales: Clark Ashton Smith. Time to put on my poetry hat. But he also gave us “Empire of the Necromancers” and that one is special.