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Conan for the Win

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Conan Meets the Academy, the latest in a long line of snap decisions that apparently are paying off, won the Robert Howard Foundation award for best anthology.

Thanks to all the contributors for making this possible. Also, a hearty hail to Crom, not that he cares. He has too much brooding to do while he sits there on his stone throne.

‘Cause it’s Halloween

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Perverse Osmosis’s leige lord Savevspoison is hosting their annual Halloween party in Baltimore, MD, Planet Earth, on the 31st. The Halloween show debuted PO as the Misfits a couple years ago and certainly offers up another fun-filled lineup.

Rumor has it that every PC 21 and over gets free Natty Boh until we run out.

No Owlbears are expected to attend

No Owlbears are expected to attend


Monday, June 1st, 2009

Metal Underground recently interviewed Perverse Osmosis after reviewing Swarm, Kobold, Swarm. In proper PO fashion, we conducted the interview by using Google Documents. Kitten was not able to participate, but we did our best. You can check the interview out here.

There is no place like Gnome

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Another bit of surprise in Lost Caverns: there is a entire gnome village to be “visited.” According to the module, the gnomes raise sheep and goats there, plus their usual gem mining. And, from what it looks like, they also spent a pretty fair amount of time praying and studying spell books. I never thought that gnomes were particularly adept in the arcane arts; sure, they get to be illusionists, but that is more to play cruel practical jokes and trick kobolds into falling into their own pit traps. But check out the spell casters hanging out in the Vale:

a) 4th-level cleric with command, two cure light wounds, hold person, and speak with animals to name a few.

b) 2nd-level illusionist with color spray and wall of fog.

c) Two 3rd-level clerics with cure light wounds, spiritual hammer, and chant.

d) A 7th and 5th-level cleric with the usual suspects (cure light wounds) and animate dead, sticks to snakes, hold person, resist fire, and dispel magic.

e) A 7th-level illusionist with blindness , hypnotic pattern, and 10′ invisibility.

Judging from the amount of cure light wound spells that these gnomes have, these must be some clumsy earth dwellers, constantly hitting their own hands with picks and shovels. We are talking some low dexterity rolls here people.

The number one cause of gnome accidents

The number one cause of gnome accidents

Another comic review

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Do yourself a favor and read this review of “Swarm, Kobold, Swarm” from Lords of Metal, a metal mag from The Netherlands. We scored a 1/100 on their scale; I doubt seriously they rolled 2d10 for this percentage.