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Never trust a ghoul

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

A new Perverse Osmosis song is “Ghoul-Ghast Go-Go Party.” One of the lines in the song is “Hey you monsters aren’t so bad.”  Perverse Osmosis lies. Ghoul and Ghast: not pleasant monsters to run into. Sure, I know that I mentioned how they were better than carrion crawlers, but come on, that is setting the bar pretty low. I can count on one Beholder the amount of creatures that are worse than carrion crawlers. Off the top of my head I would say black pudding, green slime, gelatinous cubes, and rot grubs. It is not much of a compliment to be better than a rot grub.

But ghouls and ghasts? They aren’t hard to hit: a ghoul has an armor class of 6 and a ghast an AC of 4. They can be hit with normal weapons; a decent cleric can turn them. Despite all this, they cause parties a surprising amount of problems. The paralyzing touch of the ghoul and the vomit-inducing stench of the ghast ended the careers of many a Krobar the Invincible or Erivast, Servant of Pholtus. There are usually several of the encountered at a time, and the Monster Manual claims that ghouls “have a terrible cunning.”

This cunning leads to the surprise ending of “


There's no reason to be sad

There's no reason to be sad

PO reviewed in Maximum Rock and Roll – Records for Sale!

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Perverse Osmosis was recently reviewed (accurately!) in Maximum Rock and Roll. This was fairly astounding to us and perhaps to you as well. Maximum Rock and Roll is certainly our nation’s journal of record when it comes to punk rock and metal.  Their review was generous and honest – and we thank them. Check out a copy of the review here. It’s also on display under the Press tab of our website.

In honor of this momentous occasion, those of you salivating over our particular brand of musical mayhem finally have the opportunity to experience this madness in its entirety – and not just sitting in front of your computer. We are now offering our debut album “Swarm, Kobold, Swarm!” for sale through the mail and exclusively via this website.

“Swarm, Kobold, Swarm!” is available as either a CDR or as a 7” Green Vinyl Record. The vinyl version comes in limited edition pressing of 200 numbered records that include full art work and lyrics for every song. The CDR version comes in a nifty sleeve that can go in any 3-ring binder or Trapper Keeper. Both are on sale now for only $5 (plus $2 shipping and handling).

Just visit the “Items for Sale” section of this website to purchase via PayPal


Send well-concealed cash to:
Save vs. Poison Records
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Please e-mail us or use the Contact Us form if you have any questions or to let us know that you sent an order in. Or if you are lonely and bored.