My Keoland

I am not usually a person who loves places like Keoland, with few unexplored dungeons or long lines of hereditary rulership going back a thousand years. As constant readers know, I support a bit more mobility in my social hierarchy, since it seems to allow the entrepreneurial/devious a better chance to rise in society. Additionally, as a person who needs unexplored dungeons to help supplement his murder-based income, not having a tomb to raid or crypt to loot can hurt my coin purse.

Yet, and there is almost always a yet, Keoland is the place in Oreth to go if one isn’t interested in religion. So many other kingdoms and vales and lands have official priestcraft and invisible entities that I am supposed to kneel to, and, more importantly, give money to. Not Keoland, however. It is part of their founding documents not to have a state religion. Sure, old farmer Joha can pray to Berei and Azeth, and the dry goods seller can keep dropping his coins in Zilchus’s collection plate, but no one is making me give anything to any deity, and that is the way I like it.

Maybe it is a place to set up my second home; I guess it will depend on their tax structure and my ability to evade it.

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