Beyond the Gate

Last post about cleric spells for a while, I swear to Boccob, but “Gate” also is far more powerful than I assumed it is. I guess I have been paying too much attention to when minor demons or lesser devils try to gate in one of their fellow bone devils or chasmes. This version of gate only works part of the time and usually brings in another creature of roughly the same mayhem potential.

“Gate” the 7th-level cleric spell, however, is a whole other series of words, as probably befits a spell that is going to be cast by an upper, upper-tier cleric. It works all the time, as in 100% of the time when Simo the Patriarch decides to cast “gate,” something hears the summons and is coming through. As the Players Handbook says, the cleric names the “demon, devil, demi-god, god, or similar being” and is there a certainty that “something will step through the gate.” I love the vagueness of that last term: something will step through. Who knows what it will be? Maybe Simo will get Vecna.

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