Perverse Osmosis Kobold Swarm - Perverse Osmosis

Kobold Swarm

DDKoboldThey tried to ambush you in the cave, but those kobolds didn’t know that you hate kobolds in a way that only a dwarf could:

You hear the distinct “click” of a pit trap. As the pit opens, you jump forward, pulling your legs up, landing cleanly on the other side. You draw your trusty longsword, the Gobliminator, and move deeper into the cave. Your infravision kicks in, and you see three shapes coming at you.

When fighting kobolds, the biggest fear is their overwhelming numbers. One on one, the average kobold offers little resistance: thirty of them are trouble. The key is killing them all quickly. Looking at the melee, the snooty paladin and that weird snow barbarian you found on the outside of town also know this rule. The barbarian drops his axe, instead grabbing kobolds and smashing them into each other.

You lower your head, driving your helmet into the nearest one’s back. Your vision is briefly obscured by kobold blood and then a sharp pain in your shoulder. Stabbed! You know it isn’t terrible — kobold blows are seldom fatal — but three or four blows would be.

You see the spinning image of a kobold and strike, factoring in his movement; the sword runs across his ugly face, popping an eye. You leap over his body, scanning for movement. All you see are lots of bodies, some in heaps, some in parts.

Stone and lichen become their grave.


The cave ahead branches out into three distinct tunnels:

Anunusual, putrid stenchemanatesfrom the first tunnel, which seems to slope into deepersubterraneandepths.

The sounds of araucousdinner party mingle with an aroma of food coming from the second tunnel.

A coldbreezeblows from the third tunnel, bringing with it a hint of rotting flesh.

Which of the three paths do your choose?

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      Kobold Swarm

Sing Along!

They tried to ambush us in the cave
Stone and lichen became their grave
Hit the pit trap but made the save

Crossbow bolts and half-size spears
Their hideous barking in our ears
Overwhelming numbers our only fear

Swarm, swarm, swarm kobold
swarm, swarm, swarm kobold
swarm, swarm, swarm, kobold swarm

Dropped some oil in hopes to burn us
Turned their lair into a fiery furnace
Create Water ends the threat around us

There might be 20 or 40
but their reign ends very shortly
in the hands of this great party

Swarm, swarm, swarm kobold
swarm, swarm, swarm kobold
swarm, swarm, swarm, kobold swarm!