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Circle Pit Trap

PittrapYou hear the pit trap a heartbeat before the dungeon floor opens beneath you. Cursing yourself as you fall, you wonder why you hadn’t listened to the voice of Glendrun Ebonhammer, the voice that had been trying to remind you about prodding ahead in when adventuring? You thought briefly about getting out your five foot pole after the kobold encounter, but argued yourself out of it.

Your recollections stop when you land in the bottom of the trap. All around you are bones of various sizes and races; you can make out a hobgoblin skull and what looked like a human still wearing chain mail. You feel a kick in your back, followed by “By St. Cuthbert’s Mace, that hurts.” The surprised face of Rodericke rises out of the pile of bones and the paladin seems uninjured by the fall.

“No use worrying now. We wait for a rope, we climb out, and by Abbathor’s mirthless laugh, we keep marching through this dungeon.” You look up and see Karyn and the magic-user looking down at you. They begin to lower a rope; you wait patiently as it descends. Once it gets down far enough, you wrap the rope once around your waist, knot it, ran it through your hands, and start to climb.


After escaping the pit trap, the party continues down the hall; several of you notice a faint hint of sea salt in the the air, while others hear the sounds of waves and laughter.

Simultaneously, others notice a vaguely familiar scented smokewaftingtowards the party from the opposite direction.

Do you follow the smell of the sea or the smoke?

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      Circle Pit Trap

Sing Along!

Should have used a ten foot pole
Now you're falling in a ten foot hole
Shouldn't have rolled a four or five
First two members take a dive

Circle Pit Trap, wall of stone
Circle Pit trap, filled with bone
Circle Pit Trap, scream and shout
Circle Pit Trap, no way out

Shouldn't have worn banded plate
Heavy armor seals your fate
Invisible servant or Tensor's Disc
Maybe even use a wish


Shouldn't have left them in the pit
But the party had to split
Iron rations and a keg of beer
Hope there are no monsters near