Perverse Osmosis A Love Unseen - Perverse Osmosis

A Love Unseen

footprintsAs the tunnel continues downward, the cavern floor becomes more and more rocky, slowing your movements. Directly in front of you, the tunnel narrows; if the party wants to continue, it will be in single file. The dwarf decides to go first, followed by the paladin, and then you. You do a couple of deep knee bends to get ready, and you start down the tunnel.

You are about 20 paces in when a rock falls from the ceiling. Your barbarian reflexes save you from being hit, and as you roll away, you notice that the path behind you is now cut off. Before you can do much more than draw your sword, four large humanoids come out of the darkness. Each of the ogres is wearing dirty furs, and all are armed with clubs.

You spring to your feet, running down towards the ogres and your companions. The dwarf already has his sword out and is using the ogre’s size against it, running around the monster’s knees and stabbing. The paladin, unsurprisingly, is waiting for the ogre to strike first; his gleaming blade poised to strike. The other two ogres are staring at you, unsure what to do. That hesitation is their undoing.


After killing the ogres, the thief finds a hidden door with a ladder leading down. A rich smoke billows up from below.

From further down the cave you hear what seems to be the sound of ocean waves.

Do you take the ladder down or move forward towards the sound of the ocean sounds?

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      A Love Unseen

Sing Along!

I leave her my heart in stone, in her room she's not alone
I share her bed, I'm her slave, and when we're dead we'll share a grave
Never hug, never talk, all I do is invisibility stalk

I'm a stalker, stalker, stalker
She's my archer, archer, archer
I'm not a talker, talker, talker
I'm a stalker, stalker, stalker

I've stalked a orc, i've stalked a drow, she's the one I'm stalking now
In the day, in the night, I make sure she's in my sight
Does she know it's her I chose? Invisible heart, invisible woes


When the ten ogres sneak attacked, I stabbed one in its hairy back.
Saw my footprints in the blood, wizard cast stone to mud
My movements now she can trace -- shoots an arrow in my face