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Lich Lord

Lichlord2As you push your way through the concealed door, you notice that the floors of the cave are now carpeted with thick, lush carpet. The room itself is large: probably fifty paces wide and seventy paces long. Towards the far end of the room, you can see several tables with alchemic equipment and large dusty books filling them. Nearer to you is a desk with scattered papers on it, along with a half-dozen chairs. The entire space is filled with a soothing light emanating from glass bowls hanging on the wall.

As you examine the various books and charts, there is a slight flash, and in the middle of the party, you see an umber hulk. It strikes out at the magic-user, catching her in the back. Rearing up on its legs, it continues to lash out at the party. As you prepare to draw your sword, you feel your hands become numb, and you fumble the weapon away. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the cleric and the assassin staring off into space, unable to engage in combat.

You try recovering your weapon, but you can’t seem to make your hands work. You notice that both the ranger and the paladin are having similar problems. The umber hulk is tearing large chunks of flesh out of the magic user, and the thief’s weapons seem helpless against the much larger monster. As you try one more time to pick up your blade, you hear a rumbling voice say, “You had been warned. Now face the wrath of Ronj Amdio.”


This adventure is over.

Try again?


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      Lich Lord

Sing Along!

It's all part of my cosmic plan
phylactery is in my hand
9th level spells I command
Lich Lord

Seeking further intellectual thrills
Kept alive by force of will
Oh, another party to kill
Lich Lord

I'm trying to study my scrolls
That's why I send all the trolls
You won't make your saving throws
Lich Lord

Striking from the Astral Plane
Para-dimensional burning flames
Catastrophic meteor rain
Lich Lord

700 years
leads to 5th level fears
You have no chance
I'm far too advanced
Lich Lord
Lich Lord
Lich Lord
Lich Lord...