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Party Beach Bloodbath

The tunnel becomes warmer, and you can smell salt in the air. As you round a gentle turn in the tunnel, you see a surprising sight in front of you. Instead of the usual stone walls and cave, you see a lovely golden beach and beautiful blue-green lagoon. Suddenly,out of the distance, you hear the sound of yelling and, even more surprisingly, loud giggling. You seea bikini-clad water naga standing on a wooden board. The naga’s snake-like torso was perfectly balanced, and the creature managed to surf her way to the crest of the wavefor more than fifty paces before finally falling. While you are distracted, the calm surface of the lagoon is shattered by a quickly developing wave, rising up from the unknown depths. Then in the water, you can see a variety of other figures swimming and playing:one more water naga and four aquatic ghouls known as lacedons are swimming towards you. Six kuo-toa and five sahuagin drift in behind them, and in the distance more of the larger monsters turn towards shore. The monsters are interested in capturing members of the party alive; there is a roast planned for later, with you as the meal…


The party defeated, the adventure ends.

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      Party Beach Bloodbath

Sing Along!

We needed a break after the drake jumped in the lake
Volleyball net, girls to be met we'll never forget
Kuo-Toa, got in brewin', lacedon ghoulin
Surfin saga of a water naga drinkin' Goldschlager

Party Beach Bloodbath
It's the party you don't wanna crash
Party Beach Blood Bath
The keg there never lasts
Party Beach Blood Bath
Sahuagin's time to dance and thrash
Party Beach Blood Bath
Sandy version of the monster mash

A weenie roast of the human hosts -- looks like we're toast
It's a bummer, dude: you get an attitude when you're turned to food