Perverse Osmosis Sometimes You Stone the Basilisk (and Sometimes He Stones You) - Perverse Osmosis

Sometimes You Stone the Basilisk (and Sometimes He Stones You)

CrawlerThe tunnel slopes gently downward, slowly widening until it is three paces across. There is evidence of recent activity: there are still torches in the sconces, and the stone floor is clean. The wide passage ends in an equally wide door. The fighter and the barbarian exchange a few words, and the rest of the party backs up, allowing the two plenty of room to break down the door.

They back up a few paces and run at the door, putting their shoulders into the wood, which breaks with surprising ease. You watch as the two stumble forward and then suddenly stop. It is difficult to tell because of the lighting, but it looks like the two characters’ skin is starting to turn a stone grey.

The cleric and the druid run towards the stiffening characters, but you don’t. Something is not right here. The door broke too easily; this has all the makings of a perfect ambush. You suspicions are confirmed when the cleric is knocked to her feet by an unseen force; you can hear the cries of the druid as he begins to battle with something that is just out of sight.

But you would rather have it remain out of sight. Turning your back on the dead and dying, you start the long walk out of the dungeon.


The basilisk stones you. Your adventure has ended.

Try again?

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      Sometimes You Stone the Basilisk (and Sometimes He Stones You)

Sing Along!

We broke down the door
And much to our surprise
There was the basilisk
And we stared into its eyes

Living bone
Turned to stone
Basilisk's gaze
Ends our days

Sometimes the you stone the basilisk, and sometimes he stones you . . .