By the Holy Name of Llerg

The last couple of days of thinking about clerics have got me thinking about the various deities that I might worship if I ever got around to playing as a cleric. On the off chance that I was limited to the Suel cosmology, here are a few that I might try:

  • Norebo, the God of luck, risk, and gambling, could be fun. According to one description, he possesses “that wisdom called deception,” and if that isn’t a good reason to follow some sky dude, I don’t know what is.
  • Llerg is another chaotic neutral god. I can’t say I’m necessarily a fan of his ideology (wild beasts and strength), but Llerg is a great name for a god. “Fellow Llerg-ites: the time has come for us to throw off the shackles of this workaday world and leave our clothing behind . . .”
  • Another god worth following simply because of their name is Dalt, the Suelian god of doors and locks. With a name like Dalt, that is not surprising.
  • Finally, much like Dalt or Llerg, I am playing for name value only with Gesh, the Scribe of Hell. My understanding is that if one is a follower of Gesh, the appellation “Scribe of Hell” must always be added, undoubtedly in a cackling voice.

Scribe of Hell, indeed.

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