Good Way to Make a Friend

We have been looking at the ways that witches might be harmful to a party, whether it be by polymorph other or an imp or lifting some important gear or slipping a love mickey into an unsuspecting bard’s drink. Frankly, this approach is surprising for me: I am usually on the side of a little side hustle or casting an appropriate spell that makes an encounter go more favorbaly.

Think of all the opportunities to save a suspected witch from being burned at the stake or crushed by rocks or hanged. The party comes over a small hill, sees the local lackwits gathered around an about-to-be-lit pyre, also sees a lass struggling against being tied to the stake in the middle of the pyre, and springs into action. The ranger lets loose a couple arrows into the toughest looking villagers, the fighter charges down the hill looking to grapple with the giant oaf, and the cleric strolls down to untie the supposed witch and get to the bottom of the story.

If nothing else, those villages won’t be tying up anyone against their will anytime soon.

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