Morbid Breath

To semi-quote Lenny from The Simpsons, “I don’t know what is so great about this greater basilisk.” Perverse Osmosis did an entire album around the old fashioned regular basilisk, so why do we need to have a greater one?

Apparently they are very good at guarding treasure; they can see both into the Astral and the Ethereal Plane, so that is worth something if you are a neutral evil magic-user looking for something to patrol your keep. They aren’t particularly smart, which means most combat with them is going to the bitterest of ends. They have the usual gaze the turns adventurers into stone, poison in their claws, and really stinky breath. So stinky in fact that it doesn’t even need to be directed at anyone to be potent; it just needs to come out of their mouth and everyone has to save vs. poison or take the permanent dirt nap.

See, not that great.

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